Creative & Curated

Taking the drinking game seriously, at CASPAR, two separated areas on the mezzanine level are dedicated as Wine Lounge and Whisky Lounge where guests can splurge on an exquisite selection of wine and whisky curated by our Beverage Manager.

For Those who appreciate creativity, our passionate mixologist has created some experimental cocktails, such as Royal Gum and Smoke Pina. Unique taste and pretty in the eyes, these two are perfect for those long lunches with friends or pre-game drink soiree.

Drinks Menu



S A Y  C H E E S E

Serundeng Rum – Pina Gum – Citrus – Milk Clarified – Parmegiano Touile


R O Y A L  G U M

Monkey 47 – BB Gum – Yuzu – Citrus – Cherry Bitters                          


C H O C O  R O S E

Tuberose Bourbon – Cacao – Angostura – Sweet Vermouth


S P I C Y  F E L L A S

Tequila Capsicum – Clear Toamato – Kefir Gum – Citrus – Himalayan Salt – Chili Tincture


S M O K E  P I N A

Gin – Smoked Pina – Citrus – Angostura – Albumin                  


 E P I C  S P I C E

Black Tears Spice Rum – Ginger – Angostura – Citrus – Pina Gum – Ginger Ale


W A S A B  P E A C H

Gin – Peach – Wasabi – Citrus – Albumin


E S  T E L E R

Gin – Jackfruit – Pandan Gum – Mix Citrus – Albumin



Vodka – Coco Cream – Litchi – Lime – Passion Fruit


Negroni Expanded

N E G R O N I  2 0 2 0 

IDR 265 K

Roku Gin – Antica Formula – Campari
(3 Months Barrel Aged in Bourbon washed cask)

O R S O N  N E G R O N I 

IDR 175 K

Jasmine Gin – Sweet Vermouth – Campari – Pigeon wings
(Clarified style with hot milk and citrus)

P A P U A  N E G R O N I 

IDR 175 K

Mesoyi Gin – Jackfruit Vermouth – Clarified Campari

S M O K E Y  R I S T R E T T O  N E G R O N I 

IDR 185 K

Gin – Coffee Vermouth – Campari – Cinnamon Smoke
(2 days Resting)

W H I T E  H E R B  N E G R O N I

IDR 185 K

Salted Gin – Kemangi Vermouth – Clarified Campari
(2 days Resting)